Orientation Chicago Home Buyers

The team at My Chicago Resource is proud to offer a pathway program for first-time home buyers, buyers new to the Chicago area, and investors interested in developing alongside Chicago. The Urban Upgrade Orientation is a personalized review of your opportunities for growth in what we believe to be the greatest city on Earth.

As a potential buyer, the My Chicago Resource team can help you identify your strengths within the market, communicate your value to the right partners in growth, and guide you to advantageous outcomes.


Call 312-667-3800 to schedule an Urban Upgrade Orientation.


Identify Your Strengths in the Chicago Real Estate Market


After you’ve gone through a loan pre-approval process, the team will assess your financial options and property requirements. Once at the orientation, you will learn more about how these factors determine your strength as a buyer within the Chicago Real Estate market:

  1. What are the driving forces behind the market?

    1. You’ll receive a high-level overview of the Chicago Real Estate market from experienced local agents.

  2. Will ownership within the Chicago Real Estate market benefit me?

    1. The My Chicago REsource team will help you understand both the short-term and long-term benefits of ownership and compare these variables to your current position within the market.

  3. What does the market for my criteria look like in Chicago?

    1. We’ll guide you through our preliminary market search for the aspects of homes that are most important to you.


Find the Right Partners


When you sit down at the orientation, we’ll fill you in on some of the ways we connect each of our buyers with the right growth partners:


  1. Meet the team behind My Chicago REsource

    1. You’ll have the opportunity to learn about each of our agents, and learn why securing the expertise of a knowledgeable Realtor matters.

  2. Understand the tools and resources we use to be as efficient as possible

    1. Take a look behind the curtain to see how our agents put their networks and digital tools to work for you.

  3. Secure winning relationships

    1. Learn about our incredible buyer success rate in multiple offer scenarios.


Guide You to Advantageous Outcomes


As one of the first steps in the home buying process, the Urban Upgrade Orientation marks the beginning of an ongoing dialogue to help you through some of the most confusing aspects of buying a home. You’ll leave the orientation as a more informed buyer, with knowledge in areas including:


  1. The home buyer’s roadmap

  2. The home mortgage basics you need to know

  3. How to judge home affordability



Your Realtor Matters

The Urban Upgrade Orientation is about empowering home buyers with real estate knowledge from the beginning of the buying process. We offer this program, because we view our clients as more than a transaction, and we value ongoing relationships with fellow Chicagoans.

We strive to understand the unique expectations of each client, and this program allows us to collaborate with current and prospective investors throughout the Chicago community. Contact us today to learn more about your opportunities for growth in the Windy City.


Call 312-667-3800 to schedule an Urban Upgrade Orientation.