highly recommend working with this company!

I will only work with Pete and his team for all future real estate purchases and highly recommend working with this company! One of the best qualities I find when working with any business is honesty. Pete is not only knowledgeable on his property listings, but knows what to look for (I was adamant about purchasing a three-flat unit and he walked around the exterior of the building thoroughly, finding serious mold potential from leaks and cracks on one of the walls/other significant structural issues that may cause serious financial headaches down the road). I took photos and sent them to a family friend with expertise in this particular field of work, who confirmed Pete’s findings—he also followed the conversation by mentioning I have a very good realtor and to stick with him. “Oh, I will!” I said back.


I feel a lot of people in life will take shortcuts to make deals happen. This is not the type of company or people you will be working with. Pete and his team work extremely hard and will listen to you as a client. This is a rare find nowadays.


Aside from Pete (and the other amazing staff Candice and Jennifer and his partner Joel), he only works and recommends the best companies for bank loans/Insurance/lawyers/ and any company that’s a part of the home purchasing process.