Timely & Proactive

This was my first experience as a home (condo) seller. Not knowing what I didn’t know, I did my research and contacted others who have gone through this before. I collected my questions and concerns, and contacted referred agents — ultimately I opted with Joel Holland, with Keller Williams. Joel Holland, my listing agent, and Jen Mason, his team’s Exec Assistant, have been professional, timely, and proactive. Joel listened to my goals and needs and translated that into a recommended action plan and proactively set up meetings to keep my timeline in check. Jen answered all my questions and provided resources and references for me to read and consider in my preparations. The upfront work of preparing a condo for sale is on the owner, and is a great deal of organizing, cleaning, collecting documentation, more than anything else. However, once you overcome that hurdle, everything else falls into place nicely with Jen and Joel’s organized plan to execute. I just listed and have yet to see results of the sale, but I am happy with their services thus far — enough to promote their work.